My Ten Top Pokémon Go Tips

Pokémon Go is a phenomenon and phenomenally exciting to play. For those who have never played it before, these tips will help you get started. For more experienced players, they will help you get more out of the game.

Always remember safety first – as you will learn here, it’s more fun and more productive to hunt Pokémon in pairs or groups…or even with your dog!

It’s also better to hunt in more populated areas where you will find more Pokémon.

Safety and comfort go together so you also need to wear weather-appropriate clothing. Reflective for night play!

Comfortable shoes are a must and a day pack loaded with snacks and drink pack(s) will not only enable you to hunt longer but will allow you to concentrate on capturing those Pokémon!

1. Go Hunting In Parks

You can find Pokémon almost anywhere but to find lots of them you need to go where there are more people. Towns and cities are therefore an obvious choice but for the best hunting of all go to parks.

Parks are even better if they contain a lake, pond or some kind of water and have varied terrain to find different kinds of Pokémon. Parks that have multiple PokeStops mean that you won’t run out of Pokeballs and also make for more Pokémon spawning.

2. Make It A Group Experience

It’s not just you who sees a Pokémon when it appears – everyone else who is hunting in the area can see and catch them too.

This means that hunting in groups or pairs is positively encouraged. It not only makes it more fun for everyone, it can make hunting safer and more social.

Not only will you have company on your Pokémon quest but you will also have back-up should anything go wrong. People have been known to fall into bodies of water or crash their car while out hunting Pokémon alone, so keep an eye on each other.

Of course, this is unlikely to happen to you but it pays to be vigilant and the more sets of eyes to help you do that, the better!

3. Try It By Night

On the plus side, you can find Pokémon by night you wouldn’t ordinarily find by day. On the minus side, you do need to exercise more caution.

Hunt in small groups and pairs or take the dog and stick to well-lit areas that you know to be safe. Following simple safety precautions will ensure it’s a fun and satisfying experience for all.

4. Keep An Eye Out For Fluttering Leavesand Rustling Grass

Fluttering leaves have intrigued players from the start but the consensus seems to be that they indicate a Pokémon spawn point. This means that there is more chance of rare Pokémon appearing although there is no guarantee. The same goes for rustling grass which indicates a Pokémon nearby.

5. Parking Lots Mean Lots Of Pokémon

Pokémon love spawning in parking lots and even more so if they are near PokeStops. Hit your local one and you’re sure to see several of the more common Pokémon all ready and waiting for you to catch.

6. Razz Berries Improve The Odds

You can use Razz Berries once you have hit Level 6 to improve the odds of catching wild creatures. This is because Razz Berries calm the Pokémon, helping you to then catch them.

7. Try Hunting Off-Peak

Afternoon is usually the busiest time for game play which means that the servers have more chance of becoming overloaded. Playing first thing in the morning or later in the evening makes for smoother, more productive hunting with no downtime.

8. Drop Lures For Easy (But Lazy) Hunting

Just want to sit back and catch Pokémon? Try attaching Lures to your local coffee shop or bar. Inside a Lure you will generally get a new Pokémon spawning every 3-5 minutes. There is also the possibility that a rare Pokémon might appear.

9. Get Powered Up

Before starting to play Pokémon Go, prepare yourself by purchasing an extra battery or a power pack. Pokémon Go will drain a fully charged phone after only a few hours of gameplay and you don’t want to have to stop just when things are getting exciting.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a Pokémon Go Plus as this is the only physical way to receive game notifications without having the app open all the time.

10. Capture All Pokémon Close By

Some people avoid capturing Pokémon even if they are close by because they don’t want that particular one. This is a mistake as capturing Pokémon means you will be rewarded with XP and Candy.

In the same way, you should try and visit every PokeStop as, again, you will be rewarded with XP. You get 50XP per visit which is not a huge amount but useful for levelling up when you first get started.

Candy is very important in Pokémon Go as to evolve any Pokémon you need to feed them their specific Candy. You get more of that specific Candy even if you capture the same critter multiple times so remember to catch ‘em all!

Bonus Tip: Turn Off Your AR

Using augmented reality (or AR) is fun, but it makes capturing Pokémon much harder. Turn it off to stop them moving around when you move your phone as it’s hard enough trying to hit them with Pokeballs when out on the street.

To turn off the AR, tap on the screen to try to catch the next Pokémon you see. In the top right corner of you screen you’ll see a tiny switch with the word ‘AR’ next to it. Simply tap the switch to turn off the AR function. You’ll now see Pokémon against a default grassy backdrop. 

Follow these simple tips and you will be well on the way to becoming an expert Pokémon trainer. As you progress there is, of course, lots more to learn and plenty of Pokémon Go tips and tricks that will help you get and stay ahead of the pack.

For now, get out there, get playing and get your own piece of the Pokémon phenomenon!